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Conservatory graduates may use the form below to apply for a professional audio or video recording.

  • Recordings are provided for the personal promotion of the musicians involved. This includes increasing media exposure, and securing work. Vadim Ghin Music does not allow the commercial or “for-profit ” release of our recordings without prior authorization.

  • Recordings may be of live events, private events, or in a studio setting. 

  • You will receive an estimated cost for your proposed project after your application is reviewed and all details are approved. We try to keep your costs as low as possible.

  • All recordings must take place in New York or New Jersey at this time. 

  • Vadim Ghin Music must be the only audio and/or video provider for this project.

  • Vadim Ghin Music may use any audio or video recordings created through this project for our current or future materials and promotions.

  • Before submitting this application, you must obtain permission to record at any venue involved in this project, as well as permissions from all other musicians, ensembles, orchestras and any other persons or entities who will be involved. We are not allowed to record without written permission from all involved.

You may be contacted for additional information and details regarding this application. Please be advised, these opportunities go quickly, and are often booked well in advance. At this time we can only offer a limited number of recordings per year.

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