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Bringing music to life & helping young composers.

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The high costs involved in producing professional recordings prevents a lot of wonderful music from reaching audiences. Save The Music gives a voice to stunning original music by young artists who would otherwise not be heard.  With the help of advanced music software, we will create flawless virtual performances of music for free. This promotes more diversity in today's musical offerings, allowing composers the creative control they need to truly shine.

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To get started, we need a music software program called the Symphonic Cube (VI Super Package), by Vienna Symphonic Library. The total cost for this software is a one-time fee of 5,690 Euro, which is roughly $5,819.22 USD.


As Vienna Symphonic Library does not provide discounts for our nonprofits, we are currently fundraising for the entire retail cost.

We look forward to breathing life into many original music compositions, and helping young composers excel.

Donations of any size are extremely helpful.

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